Infertility CV

Objective:  Become parents to a healthy baby and treasure that child each and every day of his/her life.

Current diagnosis:  Recurrent implantation failure and "unexplained" infertility with MTHFR homozygous C677T mutation

Education and Work Experience:

April 2011:  Married to the most amazing man (HB) in the world
July 2011 to June 2012:  TTC naturally = BFN
July 2012 and Aug 2012:  Clomid with TI = BFN
Sept 2012 and Oct 2012:  Femara and TI = BFN
Nov 2012 to Jan 2013:  IUI#1, 2, and 3, Femara with HCG trigger = BFN
Feb 2013:  Prep cycle for IVF
Mar 2013:  IVF #1 (and only), 30 eggs retrieved, 27 fertilized (2/3 ICSI and 1/3 normal)
Fresh cycle:  eSET, 1 blast transferred (5dt) = BFN (HCG <1)
7 frosties (yippie)
April 2013:  FET#1, 2 blasts transferred (6dt) = Chemical Pregnancy (Betas = 22, 21, and 6)
5 frosties left
May 2013:  Start blogging.  Endometrial biopsy (normal) and blood work for coagulation/clotting and autoimmune etiologies.  Found MTHFR homozygous C677T mutation with normal homocysteine levels.
June 2013:  FET #2, 2 blasts transferred (6dt) = BFN
June 30, 2013:  Insurance coverage ends (yes...I've been amazingly lucky to have $15K max coverage of insurance on this journey--and am so thankful for that) and I move away for one year (1.5 hours away form HB during the week and back home on the weekends)
July 2013:  Femara and TI but didn't even detect an LH surge (ugg)
August 2013 and September 2013:  Femara and TI
October2013:  Break in preparation for FET
November 2013:  FET #3, Clean Out The Freezer Cycle,  FINAL 3 embryos transferred (6dt), 20mg Viagra vaginal suppositories TID, Gluten Free
     -POAS and saw first ever BFP!!!
     -1st beta hcg, 13dpo (8dp5dt) = 64 (So I'm saying there's a chance)
     -2nd beta hcg, 17dpo (12dp5dt) = 154 (76 hour doubling time.  So..I'm saying there's less of a chance).
     -3rd beta hcg, 20dpo (15dp5dt) =654 (38 hr doubling time....Amazing!!!)
     -U/S #1 12//6/13:  (5wks 6d) One intrauterine pregnancy (couldn't confirm heartbeat yet)
     -U/S#2 12/14/13:  (7wks, and after a bleed) Everything is okay and we have a heartbeat!
     -U/S#3 12/24/13:  (8wks 3d) Merry Christmas-we're released from the RE!  We tell our parents.
     -1/25/14:  Hello second trimester!
     -1/27/14:  Nuchal fold U/S (13wsk 2d):  measured 2.03 (normal is < 3).
     -20 week ultrasound...we're having a BOY!
     -24 weeks!  V-day!  Strangers start asking "are you expecting?"

Extracurriculars:  Pre-seed, stopped consuming caffeine, did acupuncture and guided meditation during IVF retrieval cycle, Viagra vaginal suppositories (this WORKED for me!!), Gluten free, baby aspirin, Vitamin E

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