About me

33 YO, married to the world’s most amazing man (I did a survey and it’s true), TTC since 7/2011, guardian of two obese kitties that we love unconditionally, vegetarian, liberal, introvert (with a blog?..I know…I’m trying) with a super supportive family.  I am the type that prefers reading a good book in my pajamas while drinking coffee over a day of shopping.

LIKES:  family and friends, warmth (sun, electric blankets, scarves etc), kitties, baked kale chips (latest food obsession), sarcastic humor, hugs, reading, Pinterest, terrible TV (I try to self limit), farmers markets, traveling (especially internationally), NPR, Mumford and Sons (obsessed), game nights, movies, coffee, and tea.

DISLIKES:  Arrogance, meanness, spelling and grammar (because I suck at them), loud noises, hairballs (thank you long haired kitty), ants, flies (disgusting), raw onions, and sun burn.

LOVE/HATE:  Facebook, procrastinating, house/yard work and my flip phone (totally still have a flip phone).

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