Thursday, July 3, 2014

Updates Galore! BaBy-Q & U/S

Things here are going well.  We had our BaBy Q two Saturdays ago and it was wonderful....and exhausting but we really had so much fun.  The exhausting part was cleaning our house for two days and then planning and executing a party for 25 people.  We had multiple check lists and my Dad was making fun of me that I was walking around with my checklists and clipboard.

For the party I made a bulletin board of pictures of Baby starting at 5 day blastocyst.  We decorated "on a budget" with onesies and bump pictures.  In honor of our journey, I put together a bulletin board together showing the u/s pics from day 5 blastocyst to the 3D u/s at 31 wks.  Served hamburgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers with sides and all of the fixings.  We even got macaroni and cheese from my favorite place...which of course is NOT on the gluten free diet but it WAS on Saturday.  Since so many friends have little kids we set a little kiddie pool and had corn hole in the back yard.  We're still working on getting the house put back together.

We had a growth scan U/S last Thursday.  Our OB offered it after our elective 3D scan at 31wks still showed the echogenic cardiac focus (a normal variant).  Needless to say I jumped at the offer because people keep telling me how "small" I look for being so's giving me a complex.  The OB is very happy with my weight gain (up to 25lb on our home scale yesterday).  Maybe people are used to seeing women who have actually gained too much weight....I don't know.  Or perhaps the "but you're so small" is meant to be a compliment? was starting to freak me out.  BUT...Baby estimated weight is right at the 50th percentile mark at 5lbs 12oz!  OMG!  I can't believe it!

We still have so many things that we want to get done before the birth (mostly cleaning and organizing).  I'm trying to get our "nest" as together as it can be.  I've definitely noticed the extra challenge involved in doing house chores with the extra weight and projectile tummy!

Our nursery is closer to done.  It's still empty of "baby stuff"....some of which we got at the shower and still need to move in there.  This is the cleanest it will probably ever look (see pic).  The pictures are hand done drawings from a relative of HBs that used to work for Disney.  The rocker was my great grandmothers and the baby rocker was HB's grandmothers when she was a child!  I love functional family heirlooms! 
In funny news I was showing some co-workers the nursery from our web-cam based nursery monitor.  Meanwhile HB was putting together a mountain of baby stuff (stroller/car seat, swing, bouncer, bassinet).  When all of a sudden I hear his voice over the web cam from the next room over, cursing about an allen wrench.  LOL!!!  The audio works--Check.  It's odd to have a web-cam...very big brother like but it will also be great for monitoring when the time comes.

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  1. I'm glad things are going so smoothly and baby will be here before you know it. The nursery looks great!