Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Any Day Now...

Hello Everyone,
Here we are less than ten days away from the projected due date (launch date)!  I've been very up front about how truly amazing my pregnancy symptoms have been (like unfairly minor).  Overall this trend continues...with just minor things that are to be expected.  The bump is so large and in charge that it pushes on my ribs/lungs and makes me short of breath when I lay down.  This is easily resolved by building a pillow nest and sleeping at an angle on the couch.  My little tootsies have also started to swell when I'm up too much.  Tomorrow is a 12hr clinical I'm expecting feet to be like sausages.  OMG...I'm pregnant!

I'm so very fortunate that I've been able to remain fully functional....which means continuing to get "nesting" projects checked off our ongoing to do list.  One more half room and all the carpets will be steam cleaned, car seats are in, most of clothes are sorted by age and boxed up, the nursery actually has stuff in it AND DIY dry erase labels on each drawer (because I didn't want me and HB to be playing scavenger hunt through the drawers...and we'll keep changing the contents as baby grows).  I refuse to say "we're ready" because then baby will take that as an invitation....but when the time comes we are in good shape.

The one thing that seems hard for me to do is pack the hospital bag (I know...I'm already like 5 weeks late on this).  I think the problem is that in all of my major traveling I always pack the night before...but I don't know when the night before is :o)  I can't wait for the outcome of this hospital visit...but it will be my first admission to a hospital ever...not excited about that part.  And my final excuse is that I keep wearing a lot of the stuff that I'll be packing.  Enough excuses?  I have a little corner that I've tossed some stuff in.  And I've pinned several lists of what to include in a hospital bag (that counts right?).

What it's like to have big boobs?  Firstly, I'm  not very endowed in the boob department...and even as pregnancy has helped out...everything is relative to the giant still minimally endowed (not complaining because this will be a bonus in old age when everything goes south).  BUT recently I've felt the stares from others on almost all public outings.  They look me in the eyes...and then directly down to the bump.  So I guess this is what women feel like who do have big boobs? LOL

The final random thing I wanted to share is my "best pregnancy purchase".  And it's probably not what anyone would guess.  My best purchase has been a five pack of men's white undershirts in a size larger than needed ( can even get them at Wal-Mart).  I have worn these shirts around the house during my entire pregnancy and have loved them.  The second I get home I put one one!  They are long enough to cover the bump and big enough to grow in to.  And they are super soft.  Then when I drop food and drink particles onto the bump (a very frequent occurrence)  I don't care because I can just bleach the shirt out.  Also...I don't worry about the frequent coco butter lotion applications staining my real clothes.

So thats where were at....just waiting for our launch date...and we can not wait!!!


  1. Great to hear an update from you! I'm with you slackin on the hospital bag. I finally got out a gallon size ziploc last week and did the toiletries. Today I added a small bag of dried apricots to my "corner of stuff" on the dresser. Maybe you should just buy an extra pack of wife beaters and take those since you love them so much! Sounds pretty cozy!!

  2. What a great update! How awesome that you are still functioning well and nesting away. Labor usually doesn't start off full speed like in the movies, so you might end up packing the night before going to the hospital when you are in early labor... just like any other trip. Wishing you well!