Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happily trucking along and Ikea HATE

Dear blog world,
Today we're at 31wk 5d!  Life has been busy...but great!  I've continued to be REMARKABLY lucky in the lottery game of pregnancy symptoms (commence the pummeling).  I've started feeling exhausted a bit faster....I love to go to bed around 9PM (but I usually get up from 4:45 to 6:15...depending on the day).  I sleep well...usually getting up once to pee.  Mild rhinitis....very rare and mild back pain....and thats it for me.  I hope the roller coaster of luck continues into the labor room!

The busy part has mostly involved preparing for Baby.  We are going to have a BaBy Q party instead of an official "shower".  I know the difference seems trivial...but like so many of us....we've actively and sometimes painfully avoided baby "showers" for the past two years.  But we still want to celebrate with our friends and BaBy Q it is!  We're planning it ourselves (in our free time--haha) ensure NO baby games.  Power to those who like baby games but HB and I are the type that cringe at we're not having any.  Just a celebration with food (hamburgers, hotdogs, and fixings), beer ( need for everyone to suffer on my behalf!), festivities, a sprinkler for the kids, and gifts.

We did register because we actually do "need" some baby stuff.  BUT....we did it all on Amazon...which was perfect for us.  We could look at and read the reviews and compare products from our couch in our pjs.  And it meant we didn't have to go to a baby megastore (which still feels overwhelming to me).  We're treating it like our wedding....we just doing it "our way".  We've also picked out our "travel system" (car seat and stroller combo)...which HB had to help me with because it seems like such a MAJOR decision due to the safety factor.  HB loves doing online research and he does such a great job.

We've also been working on the nursery...still an ongoing project.  One of the major challenges is that the now-nursery WAS our "catch all" room....and over the past 5's caught a LOT of junk (think mini-hoarders).  Piles included (but are not limited to, wedding, my old office, HB's old office, important papers, a no longer used litter box (gotta have a cat thing in a room to be a true "hoarder"). So the original plan had been to clean up this room (obviously)...but the slow rate of progress eventually necessitated just dragging all the crap out into a bonus room to sort out which then allowed us to work on the newly cleaned nursery.  So yes...we've basically just been moving junk around.

My former love and now (temporary) HATE of Ikea.  And I mean obsessive former love...I LOVED Ikea....each visit was a whole day adventure including the cafe.  I had 100% drank the magic kool-aid.  So we decided to get nursery furniture at Ikea for the usual reasons:  1) cost, 2) cost, 3) we don't have access to a truck to move furniture.  It was our first large furniture purchase from Ikea.  So off we go....happy go lucky.  We'd already researched exactly what we wanted.  My aunt and uncle helped us load a dresser, chest, and bookcase into our Honda civic (with NO room to spare) and off we go back home (1hr 15min drive between home and Ikea).  WELL...the dresser and the chest were both missing pieces and after calling Ikea national they said to go back to the store to get them.  Basically, some of the parts we were missing were very similar to each and if they tried to ship them we'd end up in a back and forth mail game...each taking 5-7 days.  I was very frustrated and spoke with a manager at the store who gave us 10% off the two pieces for our inconvenience (which seemed the time).  The manager said that next time we should consider paying for delivery and building service to minimize our stress (HELLO how is that saving money...might as well just get furniture at Rooms to Go and be done with it)!

So we got our parts and back to finish the job.....or so we thought  Only to find that the chest top had a through and through crack in it and one of the new parts we installed took a sizable chunk out of the front of a dresser drawer.  SO FRUSTRATING.  I know it's cheap furniture...and I can over look a ding or two here and there...but COME ON!  At that point...I was 100% beat down about the whole thing and regretted the decision to buy Ikea furniture.  I'd also torn up and recycled all of the boxes.  So off I go...trip #3, thats five unnecessary hours in the car (at 30+ weeks pregnant), just in an attempt to get three pieces of furniture completed that should have been right the first time!  Right now..."Ikea" is a curse word in our house (like Time Warner Cable).  I know they're not a bad company and that there are many satisfied people and in fact, my customer service experience was great...but their products SUCKED!  I hope that no one else has such an experience...and I hope I can heal from mine.

And guess who joined "this" decade?  ME!  I traded in my flip phone for an iphone.  I still love that flip phone...but the day care we're going to use has webcam access and I really want to take and share lots of pictures of Baby.  Ironically...three weeks later I still have zero apps (LOL)..but will soon download one to monitor "kick counts".

In closing know that I haven't commented much but I love reading so many blogs of both newly pregnant, newly parented, and cheering on the wonderful ladies who are still in the trenches.