Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We've made it to the third trimester!  It is so AMAZING.  Some days I still can't believe it.  I just think how much difference a year can make in your life....WOW.  Last year I was in the middle of a cycle to have an endometrial biopsy after 2 failed transfers. 

In other milestone news we had our 28 week apt on Monday...did the 1 hr glucose wasn't as terrible as I'd feared (my drink tasted like a flat Hawaiian punch).  I haven't heard back...and "no news is good news".  I was shocked when they scheduled our next apt and said we were now to visit every TWO WEEKS...what?  And yesterday we went to our first Lamaze was mostly educational and one breathing technique.  We might be overdoing the pre-natal classes with breastfeeding, infant CPR, and a baby care class at the hospital.  I'm a big advocate for women's choices...but I'm still planning on an epidural (science and medicine got me this far...I'm not stopping now), but wanted some pain reduction techniques to help with the entire process.

I've found that my weakness is baby clothing at our local thrift shop..holy's so hard to say no to a cute outfit when it's $1!  Needless to say...the baby has a more diversified wardrobe than I ever have.  He's especially ready to cheer for several sports teams!

SO...due to some serious schedule looks like I'll be 35wks during our shower (not ideal...but what can you do?)  This schedule challenge also caused a very last minute mini-babymoon to Asheville NC last weekend.  Basically it was the last weekend I had free for 10 we just went up for 24 hours (one night).  But we had an amazing trip!  Ate lots of vegetarian gluten-free food (poor hubby).  We ate at the Laughing Seed, Rosetta's Kitchen, and Biscuitheads.  SO DELICIOUS!  Then we went and played at the Pinball Museum!  But don't feel too bad for HB because 2 weeks ago he went to Asheville on a "boys night" for a beer release and ate only meat :o)

Our to do list is still oppressive...we really need to get a move on the nursery!  But we keep chipping away at things.  Life is good....and I'm just enjoying the ride!