Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hello everyone,
It's V day for us (theoretical viability) at 24 weeks.  I know it isn't really a magical day where a switch is actually flipped that guarantees a healthy take home baby...but it is a great milestone to reach!  And almost on cue....I was at a conference this weekend and had "strangers" ask me for the very first time "are you expecting"?  OMG...the world knows too.  Given that we've been experiencing winter-spring for all of March and some of April (and I'm cold natured) I've been wrapped in layers of clothing...usually including a jacket.  So while not intentionally hiding the was hiding the bump.  But not this weekend!  I wasn't exactly sure how to reply.

It was a medical themed the few comments I got I always HAD to say "it took us 2.5 years".  This is the perpetual infertile part of me.  I feel like I'm not honoring our journey if I don't include that part....I don't know why.  If often brings up more discussion..."I had a friend....".  Maybe part of me wants it to be a little warning to younger ladies who like I did...assume everything will work out exactly the way they have planned on their exact time line (and of course I hope for them that it does).  But mostly I want to it to be a little ray of light for anyone who is also sitting at the table/in the elevator who hears the discussion and is still in the trenches...."I got lucky and it can happen for you too".  I almost wrote "don't give up"...but that is such a frustrating sentiment...because for most...there IS a "right" time to give up on one form of treatment or treatment all together.

Lucky/blessed....that is really how I feel.  I still read so many blogs and have read several lately about loses....they are so heart breaking.  I wonder "how did I escape infertility?".  My short answer would be IVF + Viagra + Luck (no...I don't mention the Viagra to complete strangers).  Because I know these ladies are doing EVERYTHING medically possible to make their dreams come true (as we did).  I've found it hard to post on their if my comments would be discounted "of course the prego girl can be optimistic"....and I wouldn't blame them at all for that....I was there.  So I'll just send out a hug of encouragement to anyone who may be reading...and is sill in the trenches and a second hug to the increasing numbers who have gotten out and are still feeling blinded by the light of how to handle it all.

In baby news...we had our gender scan....we're having a BOY!  We would have been happy with either.  In good news the nursery under construction is already blue (no painting--yay!) but we had to work hard to come up with a boy's name that we loved (had a girl name ready...have for years).  But we finally decided on one!  Weight gain is going great...I was up 15lbs this week at my OB apt!  Next week I do the 1 hour glucose test.  Otherwise the appointments are rather routine (weight, BP, check the bump size, any questions?, see you next month)....which is FINE by me.  Its amazing to finally be an "unremarkable" medical patient.  We still have a long way to go on the nursery...but we've received awesome donations from fiends including a crib, jogging stroller, bassinet, swing, and clothes.

And at some point in the more immediate future we need to plan a baby shower...we're going a BBQ.  After years of protesting all friend's baby showers I'm not anticipating a huge turn-out.  But that's okay by's the cost of doing business in the world of infertility.  Heres hoping that we get 16 more weeks of grow-time to get all of that sorted out!