Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Daze

Hello fellow bloggers and readers,
     Just wanted to drop in and say "hello".  I live in the area of "the South" that is currently being clobbered by the latest crazy snow storm!  The snow flakes continue to fall and the snow accumulations are already of historic proportions.  We've spent our first snow day completing our taxes (fun right?).  But we're definitely going to attempt a snowman!
     Life as a pregnant person (pause for dramatic emphasis...and residual shock) has been going very smoothly.  I've been ridiculously lucky when it comes to symptoms.  I like to think this is what I've earned after infertility but from reading fellow bloggers I know it doesn't work that way!  I have finally been able to borrow a doppler from a friend and we use it about once a week to check on baby Blobbie.  It really is nice to have the reassurance.
     I don't need to tell readers of such a blog that "life doesn't always go as planned" (manic laughter).  The latest "plan" that the universe took a big dump on involves early life care for Blobbie.  Our plan was for HB to switch his job to 3rd shift (I continue on 1st) until March 2015 at which time I plan to get a job that is 3rd shift and then HB would go back to 1st shift.  "No problem" right?  Except that HBs boss made it very clear to him that once he changed to 3rd shift it would effectively take "a miracle" to get back to 1st shift.  STRIKE!  On to "plan B"....which after hours of thought and consideration we realized we were left with just one care (dunt dunt duhhhh!).
     Day care opens a whole new can of worms....that we never thought we'd have to open....that we didn't want to open....and still don't....but it's really our only choice.  Basd on our two Blobbie will have to be at day care anywhere from 2-4 days per week.  We're trying to move forward with this decision which involves touring facilities and asking lots of questions.  I should disclaim that I have not seen a day care facility since I went to one over 25 years ago.  The first center we visited was a small religious themed day care with a good staff ratio and flexible pick-up and drop-off times.  Everyone seemed nice....BUT....the infants were in a full wall of double stack cribs and the second I saw them I instantly thought of pet kennels at the vet!
Four Unit Infant Daycare Bunkie Crib, Stacking Cribs, Stackable Crib, Coffee
 Maybe this is "normal" and we'll find this at ever single center that we visit...but it was a major shock to the system!  Is this normal????
     The other challenge that I've been facing and trying to ignore is weight gain....and more like my lack-there-of.  I totally understand if you just want to stop reading at this moment because here I am...the post infertile who finally got pregnant and is complaining about not gaining ENOUGH weight (I should be flogged).  It's always been tough for me to gain weight...and have been worried that the gluten-free vegetarian thing would make it even harder (and it does!).  I play this funny game with my home scale where I'll weigh myself and ignore the values that are too low and then celebrate the rare higher values (all of which is probably based on fluid intake).  *Sigh* I could ignore this in the 1st trimester...but now in the 2nd I should be experiencing regular gain!!!  I try to choke down nutrition supplement drinks (hate them).  I've even put one of the chocolate shakes over rice krispies which almost made HB hurl.  I've substituted everything I can for higher fat/calorie products (whole milk, sour cream, ice cream, etc).
     It is at this point that I want to again express my appreciation for fellow bloggers because reading a few of the regular weekly updates has made me less cra-cra about the wimpie weight gain (A Brink Adventure)!  Unfortunately I keep reading all of these bad things about low fetal weights and their negative impact on infants.  Some of my pants won't button anymore so I use the bella-band (so that is tangible evidence of progress!)  I can't eat any more...but I'll just keep trying.
     In closing....I hope that Mr. Groundhog was wrong...and Winter will soon be wrapping it up!  Happy Snow Days!